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SmarTire Active Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Sensors mounted on each wheel measure tire pressure and temperature every 12 seconds and wirelessly transmit tire data every three to five minutes to a receiver mounted on the vehicle.

The receiver then processes the data transmissions and compares them to pre-programmed settings to determine if a tire is under-inflated. The SmarTire RV receiver can monitor up to 20 wheel positions and is able to handle RVs of any length and tow-behind vehicles.

At the push of a button, real-time tire pressure and temperature information is then available to the driver via a dash mounted display. If the system detects a tire that is operating under-inflated or extremely hot, the system automatically warns the driver to the condition before it becomes dangerous.


At the push of a button, SmarTire RV will provide you with real-time tire status information for each wheel on your vehicle. For every moment in between, SmarTire RV has 3 automated tire alerts that will instantly warn you of an under-inflated tire before it becomes dangerous.

The Pressure Deviation Alert is the first warning of an under inflated tire. If the measured pressure inside a tire is different than what the pressure is supposed to be (SmarTire uses the cold inflation setting and the measured temperature of a tire to calculate the proper pressure), the driver is alerted to the condition with a flashing warning light and an audible alarm. This temperature compensation calculation enables the SmarTire to provide a warning of pressure loss even when tires are warm.

The default setting triggers the alert when a tire is 10 PSI under or over inflated. This setting can be customized by the user.



The Critical Low Pressure Alert warns the driver when a tire's pressure falls below a fixed, user defined pressure level. This audible and visual warning is intended to alert the driver to a critical tire condition in order for them to take immediate precautions.

Unlike the Pressure Deviation Alert, the Critical Low Pressure Alert does not use a temperature compensation calculation. As such, if a tire's pressure falls below the default setting (10 PSI below the cold inflation pressure), the tire truly is critically under-inflated and should be addressed immediately.

Like the Pressure Deviation Alert, the default settings for the Critical Low Pressure Alert can be customized by the user.



The High Temperature Alert warns the driver when a tire's temperature exceeds a preset threshold. The default setting for the 4 wheel preconfigured kits is 176° F (80° C) and 195° F (90° C) for 6 and 8 wheel kits.

High tire temperatures are typically caused by under-inflation and the SmarTire system will usually provide a Pressure Deviation Alert and a Critical Low Pressure Alert well in advance of a High Temperature Alert. If triggered on its own, the High Temperature Alert can be an indication of an alternative problem such as a dragging brake or a bearing failure. Like the other two alerts, the default high temperature setting can be customized by the user.


With SmarTire RV on board, you will benefit from:
  • Improved Vehicle and Driver Safety
    All too often we hear stories of RVs burning to the ground as a result of a failed tire. When driving a vehicle as large as the average coach with tow-behind, there is almost no indication of a problem until it is too late and a blow-out occurs. With SmarTire RV on board, tire temperature and pressure are both monitored in order to reduce the risk of blow-outs and fires claiming your RV.

  • Improved Tire Life
    With as little as 20% under-inflation, tire carcass life is reduced by 30% and tire tread life is reduced by 25%. When tires are maintained at an accurate inflation value, their tread will last longer and their carcass will accommodate more retreads.

  • Improved Fuel Economy
    The best RV adventures are seldom close to home and the price of fuel seems to increase too often to keep track. Tires operated at 20% under-inflation will reduce a vehicle's fuel mileage by 2%. Compounded over the distance and duration of a trip, SmarTire RV can have a significant impact on the cost of running your RV.

  • Improved Vehicle Performance
    High-performance tires are not critical to having a great RV adventure, but tire performance is absolutely critical to basic vehicle handling and wet weather performance. Stopping distances in an emergency are also determined where the rubber meets the road. Properly maintained tires as a result of SmarTire RV will improve the handling of your vehicle and the grip and performance of its tires in critical situations.

  • Improved Dual Wheel Assembly Performance
    When one tire of a dual wheel assembly has a lower inflation pressure than the other, its circumference is smaller than the tire next to it resulting in improper axle weight distribution and wheel drag. This condition rapidly generates heat that destroys the tire's integrity and creates the environment for catastrophic tire failures and tire fires. Proper dual wheel inflation will result in better tire life and a safer trip for you and your vehicle.






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