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"TripTek is a very important part of my motorhome. In addition to planning a trip, and managing it, the best feature for me is being able to monitor the internal workings of the engine and transmission. In over two years of operation, and 43,000 miles, TripTek has operated flawlessly."
John Ham - Snowmass, Colorado


"In a word, TipTek is terrific; not just the trip computer, but the computer and the people behind it. I not only would, but have recommended it to a friend. It is a no brainer, I would not even consider having a motorhome without a TripTek computer."
Larry Pearson - Lafayette, Louisiana


"I have used my TripTek for more than three years without any problems. It is easy to use and I really like beiing able to bring up the engine and trip data on my rear vision screen."
Gene Nelson - Mankato, Minnesota


"I particularly like the ability of using the trip and leg data screens to keep informed as to our progress. I find myself using the coach data screen to keep track of all the items listed which gives me comfort on engine performance. The TripTek has become so much a part of traveling for me that I wish I had one in our Suburban."
John Furst - Dallas, Texas



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