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Video Vallet

Video Valet is a video source management system designed for motor vehicles. It will route up to 8 video sources (one at a time) through two independent outputs (Dash 1 and Bedroom) in various orders depending upon how the Video Valet is configured. Each of these outputs can be configured to display a different grouping of inputs while the coach is in driving mode (i.e., the ignition is turned on) or in security mode. The desired video sources are selected from the chosen grouping via rocker switches installed in the dash and bedroom.

A third output (Dash 2), which is directly connected to the rear camera source, is also provided so that a two-monitor dash can be set up with one monitor as a dedicated rear vision display.

Video Valet manages all power requirements for cameras and monitor. Switched power to all cameras (8 or 12 volts) are managed as required while ignition is on or specific cameras during security mode. Rocker switch activation will also turn on or off Bedroom/co-driver monitors during driving or security mode and dash monitor in security mode.



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